Enough is enough and so are you!

Happy New Year 2019 is here…

How many years have you started off with lots of good intentions only to find that by the middle of January you have totally fallen off the wagon or even forgotten you have made any resolutions in the first place?

I can honestly say that I have done this more times than I care to remember in the past.

I think the biggest part of this epic fail is that we don’t believe in ourselves enough to begin with. We are starting off the journey with a feeling of not “enoughness” What do I mean by that? Well, I guess when we say things such as, I must lose weight, get fit, save money, set goals, be better at this, that or the other etc. etc. the list goes on and on, what we are really saying is “ I am just not good enough as I am”

Wouldn’t it be better to decide to be the best version of your already enough self? because do you know what? we are already enough just as we are. We already are loveable enough is what I am saying. More often than not the desire for change comes from a fundamental belief that we have to be a certain way in order to gain approval from others.
We must be slim, pretty, fit, young ( groan!) successful and only then are we worthy of recognition, reward and yes even love. How crazy is that? and where did we receive and believe that message?

Well of course we are hearing these messages day in day out via T.V, social media feeds, oh and those perfect selfies right?
Actually it starts right from the beginning of life, are we hitting all of the pre-determined milestones, are our grades good enough, it’s endless and everywhere and it’s such a pressure especially but not exclusively on we women.

So how about we break the chain and start this New Year with a fresher, newer set of thoughts and actions. How about we commit to self-love and to nurturing ourselves body, mind and soul?

Instead of setting harsh, gruelling weight loss goals what if we decide to love our body by feeding her with gorgeous life giving and nourishing foods, alive foods, full of high vibrational energy that makes us glow with good health and enjoy this loveliness with every bite. How about only eating when we are hungry and eating so mindfully that we naturally stop when we are full.
As I write this I am reminding myself that this is natures way of stabilising our body weight, no need for crazy diets, try it you will be amazed how it changes your relationship with food. I will be going back to these basics myself, who wants to join me?

Instead of rushing to the gym that you hate and pounding a treadmill to nowhere, spending a fortune on a membership you rarely use, how about committing to beautiful walks in the fresh air and nature. While you’re at it taking lungfulls of replenishing clear air.
Take in through your eyes visual cues about the harmony of nature and your part in it. Make every walk a mindful experience of connecting to plants, trees, birds. Notice the sounds, the colours. Getting exercise naturally this is a tonic for your mind and soul. Of course if you love the gym and adrenaline sports that is great, so long as you love it it’s all good, whatever you choose just don’t feel pressured or you won’t do it at all.

What about if you have some ideas that you want to get going with this year, great, me too and to be honest I’m excited to get started on them. I have already had an afternoon where I used my coaching skills on myself to get clear on my timeline. I am doing this because it sets my heart on fire, I have a passion I want to fulfil and not because I think I should because it’s January but because it’s time and I’m ready and that’s the difference!

So if you are ready for those changes and want a gentler more sustainable approach then why not give some of these suggestions a try and see these wonderfully positive changes becoming a part of your everyday life with ease and grace rather than with deprivation and struggle!

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