Letting go and moving on

When a relationship ends it can feel like the end of your world. I have found that when I am coaching women through the very emotional time of uncoupling that it can be hard for them to be able to believe that life can and will go on.
The hardest part often is facing the fear of going it alone, especially if you have come out of a long term relationship.
It can be scary even to think of the small stuff let alone the big decisions. What if you have never taken responsibility for the finances or moved house by yourself and now find yourself having to do these things alone. It can really be overwhelming.
The biggest thing to get help with is self-belief, changing your limiting beliefs into positive understandings that you can do it, you can cope.
You may have lost your confidence along the years, it may have all come as one almighty shock to you, this is where I can really help and support you.
I can offer my skills as a Mindset and Confidence coach to you and be your back up. I will help you to reconnect with your inner wisdom and confidence.
You can learn to believe in yourself and feel empowered with each small step that you take.
I will also help guide you through the practical stuff too, help you get your team in place that will support you going forward.
Make a start today by taking back some control over your life, it will make you feel stronger. Learn to pace yourself and do this your way, don’t allow yourself to be rushed.
One of the things I try to help you with is to not feel bitter and act crazy as this will not help you in the long run.
I know forgiveness can sometimes feel a long way off but eventually it will be the key to your freedom and your road to recovery from all this.
If you were the one that pushed the button and called it a day then you had good reasons I am sure, I want you to stop feeling bad and to begin to rebuild your life from the ground up.
I want to encourage an attitude of kindness and caring wherever possible as Gwyneth and Chris made trendy, Conscious Uncoupling is a win for both parties, it certainly helps with any children involved if you can model a good separation. For them to be able to witness kindness and consideration is going to make the changes so much easier to cope with. I can help you to look at separation from this perspective if you are willing to work together on this and if not I can help you cultivate a good attitude and mindset for your own sake.
If you’d like some help getting your life and confidence back, in facing the future then give me a call or drop me an email, let me support you through this with my Life After Divorce course.
The relationship may be over but you don’t have to be.

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