Spring has sprung

spring healthy eating with fresh local vegatables

With the first glimmer of sunshine my thoughts are turning towards sunnier days and the shedding of all the winter gloom, not to mention woolies!

I am a seasonal sort of girl, I have always enjoyed the variety of living according to whatever season we happen to be in, there is nothing more wonderful than the anticipation of new life as the first lambs are born and the daffodils are nodding away in the breeze. This is the time of year that I feel it is time to pay special attention to my liver. Having spent a year studying with a Chinese doctor I am a big fan of the Chinese five elemental laws of the seasons. Spring is wood element time and wood governs the liver Chi or energy, so as you can see it’s a great time for a Liver boost!

I don’t believe drastic measures are required just a gentle awareness of boosting and assisting. I find the best way to do this is to add in beautiful, fresh and delicious juices. At this time of year I would not recommend a full on go for it juice fast but rather adding in one or two a day boosting your nutrient intake.

Mood Food

Once your body gets the signal that you are loading it with the good stuff you will almost certainly notice cravings for sugar and carbs reducing and will naturally want to eat more health supporting foods. As I have said before no diets here, oh no!! It is also amazing how cleaning up your act can help with other things too such as low self-esteem; depression and I have especially seen how it helps people who are trying to break other habits too for example food and alcohol addiction. There really is a truth in the expression mood food. I am very keen on helping clients to work out good nutritional programs to assist them on their journey. I am a holistic hypnotherapist which means that where appropriate I can help with many aspects of health and well being and believe in an overall approach. I would usually offer this through a series of coaching and hypnosis sessions.

Go local loco

I love our local farm shop and have just come back fully loaded with two huge boxes of delicious fresh produce; I can’t wait to crank up the juicer. I love the deep purple of the beetroot and the earthiness of both taste and smell. There is even something satisfying about having madly stained fingers and chopping boards, I feel healthier just looking at it.

I am anticipating the joy of the concoction that I shall make any minute now. I think some lovely apples and curly Kale (I love the name curly just sounds so friendly) and newly picked English carrots in with the mix will be delicious as well as liver fortifying. It feels great to be finally coming out of the winter fog.

I like to think of all the hard work and care that goes into the growing process from farm to table and I try to be mindful of that when I am eating. I am lucky enough to have a tiny little vegetable plot myself and even on my small scale it is often a hit and miss affair dependent upon weather and critters.

I do love the evening ritual of watering and picking and generally making sure that everything is tended too. Since beginning to grow my own veggies four years ago I have a deep appreciation for those that do it on a commercial scale. For me if my crops fail, oh well off I go to the farm shop, however for the professional growers, especially the local growers that I will always try to support, a bad season could be a disaster and let’s face it we have had bucket loads of rain this year making it difficult to plant early crops for many farmers and growers.

Today after a soggy start it’s now gloriously sunny so hopefully all will grow well on allotment and field and we can all enjoy the goodness of the coming seasons.

I will be blogging about health and wellbeing tips according to the season we are in and hope you will enjoy joining me on a seasonal living journey and remember be kind to your liver and it will be kind to you!

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