Life after Divorce

So it’s over and you are not sure what to do now. You may be feeling fearful of going it alone, you may have lost your confidence. Get ready for a comeback because I am going to help you find YOU again.

I understand how losing a relationship can knock your confidence deeply and totally rock your world, even if you were the one to make the decision to leave. On the other hand it can be an incredible chance to breakthrough to some big changes that will set you on the path to a brand new you and freedom.

It can be really scary and exhausting putting yourself out into the world of dating again. You’ve lost your confidence and sense of self-worth, there are some real losers out there, where do you even begin?
So here is the good news..It doesn’t have to be like that, with a little help you can learn to feel confident and strong again. You can learn to love yourself enough to not settle for less than you deserve.

That’s where I come in lovely, as a Life Coach and I have a wonderful Coaching program especially for you because there is Life After Divorce and I will show you how to be strong again.
Believe in yourself and how to ditch all of the messages about “not good enough” that you have believed. Get in touch with me today and let’s go lady.

I don’t want you to rush into a new relationship without first getting to know and love yourself better, no compromising, no settling for second best because that’s all you believe you can have. No taking the first guy that shows you any attention and most importantly no choosing the wrong guy again and repeating old patterns.

Maybe you’ve learned some stuff about yourself and maybe you still need to learn more about who you are as a single woman and perhaps what you most would like to see in a new relationship, more importantly, what you would like to leave in the past.

Time to get your sparkle back.

It’s time to get your sparkle back, I will support you and help you regain your self-belief and trust. Together we will shatter those limiting-beliefs, fears and especially those damaging messages that you may have absorbed from your past relationship.
Perhaps right now you are feeling like a failure or just plain lost, well let’s change that thinking and get you started on a brand new life path. No compromises, just lots of inspiration, self-trust and belief, let me guide you through this process.

You’ve got this Ok? because you deserve to be happy.



You will get:

10 Weeks towards your new life…….

5 x fortnightly Face to face Coaching via Skype or in person

Free follow up session to be taken at your convenience.

Additional and Unlimited email support and Facebook group access.

These Coaching sessions can be taken either in person or via Skype your choice and distance no object!

This will set you on your path to a happier, more fulfilled and clearer future.
Book now! Skype coaching is also available.

Payment due prior to first session T ‘s & C’s apply.
Skype option is available for distance clients.

I will also offer you ongoing support once the course is finished.